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2023 Patio Season Information and Guidelines

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What you need to know for the 2023 Patio Program

City Council approved a new street patio program to be rolled out over the next 2 years. It established a new, formalized street patio program for businesses looking to operate serving or non-serving patios on municipal property, including sidewalks and on-street parking. More details about this program are at the bottom of this blog.

More information about the changes will be shared over the coming weeks. For now, here's what you need to know for the 2023 patio season: 


There are four types of street patios being offered in 2023.

  1. Café-Style Patio (sidewalk patio)
  2. Frontage Patio (sidewalk patio)
  3. Parking Space Patio (pop-up patio)
  4. Patio with Pedestrian Bypass (pop-up patio)


The dates of operation for the 2023 Patio Season are below:

  • Frontage Patios can be operated from April 1 to September 30, with an optional extension from October 1 to November 30, subject to an approved heating plan (if applicable).
  • Pop-up Patios that use a parking space or pedestrian bypass can operate from May 15 to September 15.
  • Café-Style Patios can be operated year-round. Tables and chairs must be removed daily, and businesses are responsible for winter maintenance. 
Note: If you operated a cafe-style or frontage patio last year, no changes are required. Please reach out to to confirm patio operation for 2023.


Fees for the 2023 Patio Season are below:

Fees for the current season will be similar to the previous patio season. Prices for the 2023 season are set out in the City of Kingston Fees and Charges By-law and can be found here.

Steps to take for getting ready for patio season for summer 2023

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NEW! Removable Patio Platform Pilot 2023

For the first time this year, the City is attempting to pilot a small number of removable patio platforms to increase accessibility and pop-up patios' practicality (see illustration). You would be responsible for supplying any decorative components as well as any essential patio equipment (tables and chairs). Up to three platforms may be requested by businesses, subject to site restrictions and review.

As there is a limited supply of platforms, expressing interest does not guarantee access. Businesses will be selected by a lottery depending on the level of interest expressed by other patio operators. Businesses that do not receive platform(s) will be permitted to operate in a similar configuration as last year, with the City providing barriers to delineate the patio area and businesses being responsible for providing a ramp from the sidewalk. 

Please reach out to by Wednesday, March 29th if you are interested in operating a pop-up patio this year. 

Note: if your proposed patio layout includes umbrellas that are positioned in front of an adjacent business, you must also obtain a letter of support from the adjacent business prior to approval by the City. Please reach out to us at for more information.

New to the Patio Program? Instructions below:

All new applicants must review the Street Patio Standards and Application Guide and email a completed application to Please ensure that all application requirements are met prior to submission. The following will need to be submitted for an application to be deemed complete;

  • Street Patio Application Form 
  • Photos of the proposed patio location and surrounding streetscape
  • Overhead patio plan(s)
  • Pictures of patio furnishings and materials
  • Letters of Support from the Downtown Kingston BIA or adjacent business (if applicable)
  • Stamped platform drawings (if applicable)

Winter Event Patios

Businesses may apply for an encroachment permit to temporarily set up a street patio for events during the winter months. The street patio must be installed and removed during the specified period. To receive an encroachment permit, you must fill out a separate application form available on the City’s website and submit the completed form to

General Information 
  • Patio furnishings and materials must be removable and not permanently fixed in place.
  •  Patio furnishings and materials shall not interfere with the visibility of adjacent businesses.
  •  All objects associated with the patio must be contained within the approved patio area and must not interfere with the 
    adjacent pedestrian clearway or vehicle travel lane.
  • Patios must have an open appearance free from any enclosures to give the impression of being part of the streetscape and not the extension of a building.
  • The colour palette of patio furnishings and materials should be coordinated with the branding of the patio operator’s establishment.
  • Third-party advertisements are not permitted on any furnishings or materials within the patio area.
  • The design of street patios, including fencing, tables, chairs, umbrellas, and plants, must promote high-quality design.
  • The application may require a letter of support from the Downtown Kingston BIA if the applicant is located within the BIA Boundaries. Please contact for the letter of support and share your completed patio plan including pictures of the proposed design features.

    a. The patio plan will be shared with the DKBIA for review and feedback, and a letter of support from the DKBIA is required.

    b. the patio is on the sidewalk and extends in front of an adjacent business. The applicant must obtain a letter of support from the adjacent business prior to approval by the City.

    c. the patio is within an on-street parking space and has patio elements that are greater than 1.2 metres in height(such as umbrellas) that are positioned in front of an adjacent business. The applicant must obtain a letter of support from the adjacent business prior to approval by the City.
  • The City encourages creativity and the development of unique outdoor dining spaces within the established design standards. 

2024 Patio Season and Beyond: 

Ahead of the 2024 patio season, the City will work with existing patio operators on changes that will be required to reflect the updated standards and fees that come into effect next yearAn information session will be set up in the coming weeks for an opportunity to ask questions and learn about the new standards as part of the 2024 patio season. More information will be shared later this month.