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Extended Patio- Plans

See Section 3.3 in the application guide for on-street parking space patio conditions.

Plans and Drawings 

For all temporary patio applications, you are required to submit a basic plan / drawing, which will be submitted as part of your Temporary Patio Application 2022. However, some temporary patio classifications may have further requirements. 

Your plans or drawings must include the following:

  • An overhead view of your temporary patio (Google Maps satellite views may be a useful tool when preparing your plan)
    • Clearly show the patio meets the requirement of a 1.83m clear width for path of travel on the sidewalk
    • Include the type, size and spacing of all tables and chairs
  • A street-level view of your proposed design features such as fencing, decorative features, server kiosks, required safety structure for temporary patios in on-street parking spaces (See Section 4.0)
    • Due to the nature of temporary patios, certain features such as awnings, tents, or temporary shelters may be restricted.
    • Nothing may be affixed to the sidewalk or curb in a permanent manner causing damage.
    • Nothing may be affixed to the frontage of your businesses requiring building and fire code approval
  • Indicate the entrance to the patio and the entrance to your building, with your patio entrance being in line with your business’ entrance whenever possible
  • The location of any surrounding streetscape elements such as light posts, bike racks, benches, waste receptacles, etc.
  • Include several photos of the patio space from previous years of Love Kingston Marketplace if you are planning on the same set-up for 2022
  • Any adjacent properties that may be affected by your patio