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Nominations for Board of Management 2023-2026

Board Nomination (2)Are you passionate about Downtown Kingston?

We are too! Do you want to collaborate with the BIA to continue to move downtown Kingston towards success?

The end of a 4-year term is on the horizon for our current volunteer Board of Management. At November's downtown Kingston AGM, our members will vote on the next Board Directors from a list of nominees for the next 4-year term January 2023-December 2026. Please consider if you or someone in our membership would be a good candidate.

The BIA needs a strong, engaged board going forward.

We are at a pivotal time in the history for the survival of the downtown experience in Kingston – as are all BIA’s across Ontario. We have new challenges, a shaky economy, COVID lingering in the wings, an older generation of business owners that will need help focusing on succession plans for their businesses, and all of our businesses working to recover from the effects of the last few years. We also have a lot of exciting potential in the near future:

  • The development of a new strategic plan focused on the four years in front of us
  • The development of new events and engaging experiences, in particular in the shoulder season
  • A new brand with huge potential to tell our story and reflect the unique downtown Kingston experience to locals and visitors
  • Active transportation and sustainability rising to the forefront of consumer demand
  • Partnerships with social services to help make life better for the vulnerable in our community
  • The impact of the hard work of Tourism Kingston in bringing the world to our door
  • Community Space Activation
    • Springer Market Square
    • Ontario St
    • Waterfront
  • Intensification within walking distance of the downtown core
    • The Tannery Project
    • Crown Condos
    • Two new Homestead buildings and one in the works
    • The average age of Block D tenants (and other Homestead rentals) becoming younger as many of the original residents move to retirement homes


Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you passionate about downtown Kingston and excited about the next four years?
  • Do you see the huge potential for the overall experience in downtown Kingston?
  • Do you have the ability to see beyond your own business activity to focus on the collective success of all downtown businesses?
  • Do you have expendable time and energy to commit to meetings and beyond?
  • Are you willing to use personal and professional skills/resources/relationships to further our mission?
  • Interest in strengthening our Board: Click to review the Attributes of a Thriving Non-profit 

If you answer yes to these questions, please put your name forward as a potential candidate below. We will contact you to set up a time to meet, talk and answer any questions you might have.