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Ways to Engage Visitors at Street Festivals

Downtown Kingston events are well known across Ontario, and across the US border. Not only are a lot of fun, but they also attract a lot of visitors to the downtown core. This past Promenade weekend saw some of our highest pedestrian counts this year, second only to Buskers Rendezvous weekend. Some members have told us they had their best Promenade sales ever. So why is it not like that for everyone? Creating an experience that will draw people to your business from across the road is critical for your success at Promenades. We have featured 6 of our favourite visitor engagement ideas from this past weekend in the photos above to inspire you to be creative, daring and think about making people feel happy. If they don’t spend money with you on the day, chances are they will be back.

Some of our favourite ideas from last week's Promenade

New MembersCollection images (2048 x 2048px) - new website (14)lululemon

Echo Bike Challenge

New MembersCollection images (2048 x 2048px) - new website (9)

UNDR for Men

Live Mannequin

New MembersCollection images (2048 x 2048px) - new website (11)

Hip Kids

Face Painting

New MembersCollection images (2048 x 2048px) - new website (12)The Caesar Co

Salsa Dancing

New MembersCollection images (2048 x 2048px) - new website (13)

Alphabet Mafia

Elvis Performer

New MembersCollection images (2048 x 2048px) - new website (10)

Urban Outfitters

Make Your own Bag

15 Creative engagement ideas:

  • Contests (use data to keep in touch)
  • Games to win a prize 
  • Musicians or performers (theatre, Elvis impersonator, Karaoke) 
  • Face painter/Balloon guy
  • Caricature Painter 
  • Live Artist 
  • Virtual reality experience 
  • Team up with other businesses, offer group prizing 
  • Ask suppliers for free samples/handouts (works well for salons and spas) 
  • wheel of fortune 
  • Selfie Frame or set, costumes 
  • Refreshments from ice cream, smoothies, juices, cocktails, tea, coffee, chocolates, sweets and popcorn - the more creative the better and more memorable! 
  • create a place to relax by building a lounge area complete with beanbags and soft furnishings. 
  • Think about how you can ensure your visitors convert on the day instead of heading off home to “think about it”.
    What incentives can you offer for on-the-day sign ups? Any special offers or discounts? 
  • Show off your skills and expertise and place yourself as an expert - making visitors more likely to head over to listen

Sign up to let us know what your business is doing to engage with customers. We will promote your planned activities prior to the event if you let us know in advance.

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