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Who to call?

Note: 'One-Call' t
he Street Outreach pilot program
has been canceled due to lack of resources.
Please read the information carefully below to familiarize yourself and your staff with the process when assistance is needed with an individual who appears to be street-involved*, vulnerable or suffering from mental health/addictions challenges.

Please choose the appropriate action below:

  1. If this is an emergency or a crime is being committed, call 911  
  1. An individual appears to be in a mental health or addictions crisis:

    Call the Crisis Line: 613-544-4229 or 1-866-616-6005
    Monday-Friday, 8:00am-midnight
    Saturday, Sunday, and holidays, 8:00 am-8:00 pm

  2. Excessive garbage in need of clean up. Abandoned shopping carts:

    Call City of Kingston By-law: 613-546-4291 Ext: 3135

  3. Police assistance or a report is needed but not an emergency:

    Police Non-Emergency Line: 613-549-4660. Ask for an officer to attend. It might take them a while to get there, but it’s important that it s documented as an incident.

    Report the incident online. This can be used if you don’t need an officer, but a crime was committed, or an incident occurred:

  • Note: At any time while waiting for someone to attend, the situation escalates, call 911.

*Street Involved - describes both homeless and housed individuals who socialize in outdoor spaces and are frequently involved in activities that are viewed as problematic behaviours by others such as panhandling, public consumption of alcohol or other drugs, and hanging out in public spaces for long periods of time. Many times public perceptions of homelessness is not (exclusively) people experiencing homelessness at all, and instead are precariously or under-housed people that have their daily needs met in public spaces.
Resource: OBIAA Homelessness Response Toolkit


What you can expect: 
  • The crisis line may send a mobile outreach team to attend to the situation and will: 
      • Offer services and try to help the individual to accept services 
      • Help the individual understand why their behaviour or presence (in the instance when there are shopping carts, music, garbage, group of individuals) is not welcome, and provide them with choices 
      • Try to relocate the individual to an alternate location where their behaviour will be less disruptive to others 
      • Try to connect the individual with someone in social services that is familiar with them (in the case of mental health/addictions) 
  • If outreach is not successful in solving the disturbance or relocating the individual: 
    • YOU can contact Bylaw to attend if appropriate 
  • Police non-emergency staff will accept calls and dispatch officers to attend 
  • If it is not a life-threatening situation expectation should be that an officer will attend when they can. 
  • Note: At any time while waiting for someone to attend, the situation escalates, call 911.
  • Online reporting of a crime or incident that needs non-urgent police attention can be done here:  
  • Other Resources

    Resources for Street-involved & Vulnerable

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    Bylaw Enforcement &
    Police Services

    There are occasions when Bylaws need to be enforced or the Police need to be involved. If it's an emergency, 911 is always your first call.

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    Making Safe Spaces in Downtown Kingston

    Here are a few suggestions to reduce the chances of a crime being committed at your location, making Downtown Kingston a safe space for all.

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