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Ontario’s Occupational Health and Safety Act Naloxone Kit Requirements Come into Force June 1, 2023

By June 1, 2023, employers in Ontario must provide at least one naloxone kit in each workplace in which they are aware, or ought reasonably to be aware, of the risk of one of their workers having an opioid overdose. Because of the potency of fentanyl, and the prevalence of the drug in Ontario communities. The BIA has a supply of naloxone kits that will be provided for free to member businesses. These kits include 2 easy-to-use nasal sprays, instructions for use, links to training videos, and protective gloves.

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Secure Bike

Urban Rack - Secure Bike Parking is now in Downtown Kingston

Cyclists now have access to a much-needed secure parking hub in downtown Kingston. Centrally located just east of Pan Chancho bakery on Princess Street, a highly secure docking station with a capacity for 18 bikes is installed this week. Cycling is often regarded as a leisure activity; however, its relevance to the success of community health, tourism, downtown economic sectors and climate action, are well documented.

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Bigbelly Compactors in Downtown Kingston

This month, the City of Kingston installed a new garbage unit in Downtown Kingston called Bigbelly Garbage Can or Compactors.

Bigbelly Compactors are machines that compress waste materials, such as garbage and recycling, into smaller, more manageable units. They are often used in commercial and industrial settings to reduce the volume of waste, which can help save space and reduce transportation costs.

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Support Needed for a Conference Centre in Downtown Kingston

City Staff will be presenting a number of items to the council related to the building of a conference centre in the downtown core. Downtown Kingston BIA, as well as a number of stakeholders and partners, will be at the Council meeting offering support for the project in delegations. The proposed conference centre accommodates up to 1000 participants and will positively impact downtown pedestrian traffic during the shoulder seasons (spring, and fall).

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AMO Policy - Housing and Homelessness Update

AMO and 25 partner organizations published an open letter to Premier Ford in the print edition of the Globe and Mail on Saturday, March 18th. This letter urged the Premier to work with municipal, community, health, Indigenous, and economic partners to end homelessness in Ontario. Local organizations including Downtown Kingston BIA are participating in the open letter campaign by sending a letter to Premier Ford, copying AMO...

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The Levy Explained

The Downtown Kingston BIA levy is a sum of money that is taken from property owners that have buildings that are zoned commercial or industrial, based on their property assessment, over and above their property taxes each year. Property owners can choose to absorb the levy as an expense of property management or choose to bill it through to their commercial/industrial tenants as a part of their lease agreement. Either way, the levy is something that is charged annually...

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