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Making Safe Spaces

BIA Resources Safe Spaces

2-4If you live or work in any urban centre in North America, there is a good chance that you may be a victim of crime at some point.  Here are a few ways to reduce the chances of a crime being committed and make Downtown Kingston a safe space:

  • Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) is the proper design and effective use of the physical environment to help reduce the frequency and fear of crime. CPTED is a design based crime prevention approach that can be applied to businesses, such as shopping malls and industrial/commercial parks, residential areas, schools, institutions, parks and playgrounds. A CPTED approach can involve basic changes, such as turning a store manager's desk around so that they can see the sales floor better. To book a CPTED click here.
  • Security Lighting on the outdoor entries and exits to your building or business are a necessary investment when running a business in Downtown Kingston. It will help to deter unwanted activity and 'shine a light' on those that choose to do it anyway. 
  • Security Cameras both interior and exterior will not only help to keep crime at bay, but if a crime is committed, your video footage could be one of the pieces of evidence that helps catch the perpetrator.
  • Buddy System when you or your employees are leaving the building late at night is best practice. If you or your employees are are closing alone, find a business close by that has similar hours and set up a buddy system.