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The Mission of Downtown Kingston BIA

Mission Statement:

To cultivate and enhance downtown Kingston’s position as the region’s leading culinary, entertainment, shopping and services destination, while attracting more people to experience and contribute to our vibrant downtown community.


Foster an environment in which businesses can find success.

Guiding Principles:

Integrity forms the foundation of our Guiding Principles:

  • To be Exceptional - Maintain excellence and pursue progressive solutions in the development and delivery of all initiatives.
  • To be Inclusive - Welcome, celebrate, and respect our diverse community.
  • To be Transparent - Committed to fostering trust through authentic and collaborative communication and relationships.
  • To be Advocates - Advocate for a healthy, vibrant, and thriving downtown community.

Note: Revised Mission, Purpose, and Guiding Principles were presented and approved by staff to the Board of Management in March 2022.

2023 Strategic Plans: 

Note: We are happy to inform you that we recently met with our team members to discuss and continue to finalize the new Strategies for 2023. Please return to this page to read more about the updated, finalized strategic plans for 2023.

2021/22 Revised Strategic Plan:

In September 2021, the Downtown Kingston! BIA Strategic Plan was revised by the Visioning & Strategic Planning Committee, with the Executive Director and staff input. The goal was to focus efforts on specific objectives and strategies with measurables that could be completed by the end of the Board term, November 2022. The objectives below are focused primarily on improving communication on every level with local residents and visitors to downtown Kingston, the membership, as well as with staff and board.

Objective 1: Improve Marketing & Communications Identify consistent key data sources to use as reliable measurables to make informed decisions. Build a communications plan around market segments. Identify the brand for the future of Downtown Kingston! BIA. 

Objective 2: Improve Member Relations & Improve the onboarding and exiting of members—segment downtown into districts. Create an Employee Program. Develop and execute a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) for the organization. Develop events production communication plan. 

Objective 3: Improve Organizational Structure & Identify what staff resources the organization requires to succeed. Improve financial tracking and reporting. Improve Board effectiveness... 

Objective 4: Maintain an Excellent Downtown Environment & Safety & Security Beautification & user experience On-street communication of events.