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2024 Patio Season Information and Guidelines

The Street Patio Program offers four patio configurations depending on your needs and context of the street. Selecting the appropriate configuration for your location is key to ensuring your patio can meet the minimum standards, operate safely, and maintain an accessible, clear path of travel for pedestrians. When choosing your configuration, consider the space in front of and adjacent to your business, the surrounding streetscape elements, and the flow of pedestrians.

There are four types of street patios:

Screen Shot 2024-03-11 at 12.00.00 PM

Sidewalk Patio

Contained entirely on the sidewalk with no impact to on-street parking.

1. Café-Style
2. Frontage Patio

Pop-up Patio

Require the use of on-street parking, or a combined use of on-street parking and the sidewalk

3. Parking Space Patio
4. Patio with Pedestrian Bypass



Steps to apply for a Patio Permit

Note: Only New Sidewalk Patios and 'Build Your Own' Pop-up Patio Platforms need to submit a full application.

All new applicants must follow the steps below to apply for a patio permit. Please ensure that all application requirements are met prior to submission. Looking to renew a street patio that was previously approved? If your layout, design, and materials haven't changed from the previous year, you may not need to complete a new application. Reach out to the city at to let them know you would like to renew your patio under the previously approved application. Otherwise, follow these steps:

Step 1: Review the 2024 Approved Kingston Street Patio Standards and Application Guide

Step 2: Complete the Application Form (Link below. You will first need to sign up for a MyKingston Account)

Step 3: Take Photos

Step 4: Prepare Your Plan

Step 5: Draft Your Design

Step 6: Certify Your Platform (if applicable)

Step 7: Obtain Letters of Support (if applicable)

Step 8: Submit Your Complete Application

Step 9: Licence Your Patio (if applicable)

For more detailed information on the Steps to Apply for a Patio Permit click here.


Sidewalk Patio Fees

There are different fees depending on the type and size of your patio area. For general information on patio fees click here: 2024 Sidewalk Patio Fees

The fees listed are for information only. Once you submit your application, the transportation department will confirm your fees with you and you will be invoiced by the City.


Pop-up Patios

Interested in a Pop-up Patio using an on-street parking space? You have two choices:
  1. Rent a patio platform from Street Patios.
  2. Construct your own patio

1. Pop-up Patio Platform Rental

Note for Pop-up Patio Patio Platform Rental you do not need to apply for a patio permit. 

Screen Shot 2023-03-15 at 3.59.44 PM






In 2023, the City of Kingston deployed removable pop-up patio platforms as a new option for businesses looking for additional outdoor dining space (see illustration). This year, these patio platforms are being made available for rent to patio operators who would like a pop-up patio in downtown Kingston. You can rent up to three platforms subject to site restrictions and review.

Pop-up Patio Rental Fees

In addition to fees due to the City of Kingston for the rental of the parking space, there is an additional fee for the rental of a Pop-up patio

  Parking spot lease Patio Platform
3yr lease/year
Patio Platform
1yr lease
1 Unit 1295.23 3,300.00 3,600.00
2 Units 2214.27 6,600.00 7,000.00
 3 Units 3257.12 9,800.00 10,200.00
Sunshade Not available

Note: The rates mentioned above are general estimates. As each patio setup is unique, a personalized quote will be provided to you based on your specific requirements and preferences when you express interest in renting a pop-up patio platform.


2. Build-Your-Own Patio Platform

Note for Build-Your-Own Patio Platforms you will need to apply for a patio permit

The City strongly encourages applicants interested in a building a pop-up parking space patio to deploy a platform to bring the patio surface at grade with the sidewalk, with minimal gaps between surfaces. Platforms may also be used on the sidewalk to provide a level surface for the patio. If you are proposing to construct a platform as part of your patio set-up, you must provide drawings stamped by a Professional Engineer.

Additional materials (e.g., concrete barriers) may be required for pop-up patios to separate the patio area from adjacent lanes of travel or adjacent parking spaces, and will be determined by the City based on an assessment of the adjacent roadway. Please refer to Section 5 and Section 6 in the 2024 Approved Kingston Street Patio Standards and Application Guide for the technical and design standards associated with each layout.

If you're interested in this option, follow the application steps listed above. Fees will be calculated based on the area of the platform in accordance with the City's Fees and Charges By-law. Note that you also may be required to submit a traffic control plan in accordance with Ontario Traffic Manual Book 7. You are encouraged to reach out to the City at  for more details.


Dates of Patio Operation

  • Sidewalk (or Frontage) Patios can be operated from April 1 to September 30, with an optional extension from October 1 to November 30, subject to an approved heating plan (if applicable).
  • Pop-up Patios that use a parking space or pedestrian bypass can operate from May 15 to September 15.
  • Café-Style Patios can be operated year-round. Tables and chairs must be removed daily, and businesses are responsible for winter maintenance. 
  • Winter Event Patios: Businesses may apply for an encroachment permit to temporarily set up a street patio for events during the winter months. The street patio must be installed and removed during the specified period. To receive an encroachment permit, you must fill out a separate application form available on the City’s website and submit the completed form to

Don't be afraid to be creative! We encourage development of unique outdoor dining spaces within the established design standards.