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Keep it Clean & Safe

Everyone has a role to play in keeping our downtown clean

The 'Keep It Clean & Safe' program helps to maintain clean, inviting, and safe streets in Kingston’s downtown core. This program is a partnership between the Downtown Kingston BIA, the City of Kingston with assistance from downtown Kingston businesses and their employees, property owners, and residents.

Downtown Kingston is a popular destination for locals and visitors to the area. We need your help to preserve our historic downtown, enhance its beauty for our residents, businesses, and visitors and create a healthy, safe and inclusive community.

Help keep our streets clean

Keep the area outside of your business clean every day:

  • Wash down and sweep the sidewalk
  • Maintain facade on all sides of your building clean & tidy
  • Keep patios tidy and clear of drifting garbage
  • pick up stray garbage on the sidewalk and parking spots
  • clear out gas line area
  • check alleyways for garbage
  • tend to areas close to your location ie. flower beds

Be a part of ensuring that downtown is always looking its best, helping to attract more people to the core area to shop and live, to protect the investment the City has made to the infrastructure and surface renewal, and to provide Kingstonians and visitors with a better experience.

Partnership program details:

  • City by-law officer dedicated to the downtown core
  • Street sweeping machines
  • Twice-monthly sidewalk and street pressure washes
  • Year-round Street Crew (cleaning stray garbage, garbage receptacles, weeding etc)
  • Summer student Street Crew (events and other jobs)
  • TerraCycle cigarette butt recycling program with the City of Kingston

Downtown Kingston
BIA Street Crew

Clean streets reflect pride of ownership in our downtown. Our Street Crew works seven days a week collecting stray garbage and keeping receptacles clean.

Making Safe Spaces in Downtown Kingston

Downtown Kingston is a medium-sized urban centre and, as a result, crime happens. Help make our streets safe for our residents, visitors and employees.

Garbage & Recycling

As a commercial business operating within the Downtown Kingston BIA boundaries, there are limited garbage and recycling management resources.


The Vulnerable on our Streets

There is an influx of vulnerable and street-involved individuals in downtown streets across the nation - many are suffering from mental health and/or addiction challenges, as well as food insecurity, poverty, and homelessness. We are working together with our partners to find short and longterm solutions.