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Bigbelly Compactors in Downtown Kingston

Garbage Compactors

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This month, the City of Kingston installed a new garbage unit in Downtown Kingston called Bigbelly Garbage Can or Compactors.

Bigbelly Compactors are machines that compress waste materials, such as garbage and recycling, into smaller, more manageable units. They are often used in commercial and industrial settings to reduce the volume of waste, which can help save space and reduce transportation costs.

After you drop your garbage in a public trash can, it’s usually picked up by a garbage truck that gets less than three miles per gallon. And most times, the trash cans are not even full.


The City is trying to cut its carbon pollution and cut costs too. When the Streets Department realized its garbage collection methods were, well, wasteful, the city called in… Bigbelly.

A Bigbelly garbage can has an automatic trash compactor inside, allowing it to hold five times more waste than a regular can. And when a Bigbelly can hold no more, it transmits a wireless signal to the garbage collectors, telling them it’s time to make a pick-up. What’s more, all the power needed for Bigbelly to compact trash and communicate comes from solar panels on the top.

The locations we have installed so far are:

  1. Bus stop at Metro upper princess
  2. LaSalle Mews
  3. Lower Brock at the corner of Crawford Wharf and Confederation Park
  4. Visitor Information Centre
  5. Springer Market Square
  6. Bus transfer depot on Brock
  7. Corner of Brock & Ontario once a concrete pad has been installed
Exclusive Features of Bigbelly Compactors:

HandGuard Hopper Safety System

The Bigbelly HandGuard Hopper is the only compactor interface that ensures public safety, eliminates all pests or human access to waste and always allows waste disposal – even while compacting.



Patented Energy Management

Bigbelly’s solar-powered compactor is the only smart waste compactor that will operate year-round in any location, on every street corner, wherever a waste bin is needed.




Bigbelly’s High Capacity unit is the only smart, solar-powered waste compactor that ensures a physical barrier (Bigbelly’s HandGuard Hopper Safety System) between users and the compaction mechanism. Bigbelly has 15 years of experience with 60,000+ components deployed and meets or exceeds all aspects of public safety


Hands-Free Foot Pedal

Bigbelly’s Hands-Free Foot Pedal provides a public waste system with public health and sanitation in mind. It is the safest on the market, with an industry-exclusive dampened safety opening, and provides a no-touch user interface while maintaining the fully enclosed design that the Bigbelly Hopper System provides.


Compactor Performance

Bigbelly’s High Capacity solar-powered compactor delivers 5x-10x Real Capacity in comparison to a traditional bin, holding 600L of normal waste.  Bigbelly excels in Real Capacity by optimizing Compaction Penetration, in combination with Waste Flow & Dump Angle.



Street Tough

Bigbelly’s High Capacity Compactor has proven long-term durability, with a track record of large-scale deployments in diverse geographic regions. It is street tough, able to withstand significant abuse, including daily rough use by collection crews, vandalism and harsh weather conditions. Each component, from the side panels to the solar bubble, is designed with safety, sustainability, and aesthetics in mind.