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Winter Downtown Dollars

Tis the season for surprises, and we're cooking up a good one for Downtown Dollars! If you've already signed up for our Downtown Dollars program, yay! If you haven't, now's the time. To date, we've sold well over $1.9 million, with over 130 downtown businesses participating.

TEMPLATE MEMBER  11 E-NEWS (10)Downtown Dollars have a fresh new look!! We've just received our first batch of Kingston's favourite currency, all redesigned to feature the BIA's new logo and branding. Keep an eye out, as these new bills will be in circulation soon. Nothing else about this popular program has changed- only the appearance.

Sample images below


If you have any questions, please let us know:

Downtown Dollars are a great way to make it an easy choice for people to choose shop downtown. Sign up below and start accepting Downtown Dollars as payment right away.

Join more than 130 of your favourite downtown shops, salons and restaurants accept Downtown Dollars.

Here’s how it works:

  • Downtown Dollars (DDs) are sold in $10, $20 and $50 increments 
  • Downtown businesses accept the Dollars like cash. 
  • Hand in your Downtown Dollars to the office and you will be reimbursed within approximately two weeks.
  • Downtown Dollars will have no expiry date

Here are the answers to some questions you might have:

  • How am I reimbursed? Bring your DDs to the downtown Kingston office by noon every Friday. You will receive your money the following Thursday in your account or by cheque within 2 weeks. Submissions received after noon on Friday will be processed the following Friday.
  • How do I tell if the Downtown Dollar is real? The Dollars will be printed on synthetic paper – it’s impossible to tear so we suggest that employees do a ‘tear test’ on them before they accept it. We will send samples when you sign up as a business.
  • How will shoppers know they can spend Downtown Dollars in my store? We will provide a small cling to identify you as a Downtown Dollars business
  • What if my staff have questions? Our phone number is on the back of the dollar – give us a call!
  • Is there a downside? NO! it’s a great gift and they are an extremely popular gift.
  • Where can people buy them? Online:

Have your business listed as one of our Downtown Dollars Participating Businesses!

If you don’t see your question here, just give us a call. 613-542-8677

Check out the New Look!

Downtown Dollars Sample $10, 2022Downtown Dollars Sample $20, 2022Downtown Dollars Sample $50, 2022