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Love Learning? Take a look at what Webinars and Workshops are coming up!

If you know of any Webinars or Workshops let us know! We would love to post them here...Email: 


LGBT Free LGBT+ Diversity & Inclusion Webinar™ 

cglcc is hosting their next free three hour training webinar about LGBT+ diversity & inclusion on September 14th. This will be an early start, as it was scheduled with Atlantic Canada in mind, but anyone can attend from across the country. This three hour session will start at 9AM Atlantic/8AM Eastern/5AM Pacific. 

There will be more sessions in October and November, so stay tuned for those.

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Member News Blog Image (2160 x 1080px) - new website (33)Leaders Lounge Workshop: Storytelling for Leaders

Join Moyra, on September 14th from 10:00AM to 11:00AM AEST via zoom to explore storytelling for leaders. Cost is $30.

Leaders will learn why it matters to their employees, stakeholders and clients that they become inspiring storytellers and when and how to tell a story that will make a difference.

They will learn how to weave stories that rely on facts to capture their listeners’ minds with emotions focused on capturing their hearts. (Sometimes where the heart goes first, the mind follows soon thereafter).

Finding their own stories allows leaders to lead more authentically by providing a tool that will allow them to motivate, convey lessons, simplify complicated data, promote organizational values and recognize performance..

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Join the #GoSmallCanada challenge 

What's the #GoSmallCanada challenge? 

This summer, we’re challenging Canadians to come together and support small businesses across the Country. Together, let’s show how BIG small businesses can become when they have a little help. ​

Small businesses have been the backbone of our communities forever. Isn’t it time to share the love, and become the cheerleaders and advocates they need right now. ​

When we band together and choose to buy from our favourite small businesses, even the smallest purchases add up. Those purchases become even more powerful when we share those #hiddengems for other consumers to discover.

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The Province of Ontario is providing funding to Small Business Centres to create a Small Business COVID-19 Recovery Network. The funding is being used to provide a program that we have named Ask The Expert that offers business planning and coaching, as well as, one on one time with local specialists to assist small businesses on planning for the future.

Learn more about this program: Here