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Pedestrian Counts

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Pedestrian Traffic of 2023 

Note: This information is going to be updated soon, please visit this section after some time to see the latest information. 


Pedestrian Traffic of 2022

Pedestrian traffic going east and west on Princess is measured 24 hours, 7 days a week, 365 days a year using laser technology and software that communicates information to the office.  

Pedestrian counts are updated every 2 weeks. Pedestrian counts can help business owners with operational decisions such as:

  • When to increase or decrease staff
  • What days are the busiest
  • Inventory control
  • and more

Click to access 2022 Pedestrian Counts 

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Highest Pedestrian Counts this Summer 📈 

August’s Limestone City Blues Festival was another wonderfully successful event, filling the downtown core with music fans, locals and visitors alike. Our pedestrian counter may only provide a look at the one street corner where it’s located, but it shows a clear trend over the summer- that event weekends generated an approximate 40% boost in pedestrian traffic compared to non-event summer weekends.

Our purpose is to foster an environment in which businesses can find success. Producing events that deliver potential customers to our downtown is one way we’re pursuing that goal.