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Committees, Groups & Roundtables

Committees, Working Groups, and Roundtables are the lifeblood of what we do. As a member, we encourage you to join us in some of these group sessions where we develop fresh ideas with BIA members. For more information about committees, advisory working groups, and roundtables, please refer to the features below the sidebar.

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Role of Committees

While the Board of Management has the overall responsibility for the operation of the BIA, it is the committees that develop and implement the programs that will make the BIA successful. Learn more

List of Committees

Executive Committee NOTE: Includes HR/Personnel Committee to be initiated when needed Learn more

Role of Advisory Working Groups

Advisory Working Groups are organized by staff members in order to communicate and/or solicit advice about a particular industry, event, challenge, or topic. Lean more...

List of Advisory Working Groups

Advisory Working Groups are a great way to get involved in shaping the future of Downtown Kingston and a great way to meet other members. Learn more...